Cloud b Sleep Sheep

The award-winning Cloud b Sleep Sheep will quickly become your best friend at bed time. Getting a good night’s rest is important for everyone, but doesn’t always come easily. There’s an unavoidable truth that every new parent learns fairly early:

If your baby isn’t sleeping, neither are you.

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The cuddly Sleep Sheep was specifically crafted with this in mind. Nestled in the back of this adorable plush, is a push-button box that plays your choice of 4 calming nature sounds that will help your baby settle into a gentle slumber.

Cloud b, was founded by two mothers who were well-acquainted with restless babies and sleepless nights. They shared the belief that babies need quality, rejuvenating rest for healthy development. Time, research and close consultation with an advisory board comprised of sleep specialists and pediatricians go into every baby-friendly rest and relaxation product they create.

The Sleep Sheep is no exception.

A leading product in the baby sleep industry, the Sleep Sheep has won awards and recognition from Creative Child Magazine, the Good Housekeeping Institute, Babytalk Magazine, The National Parenting Center and iParenting Media.

The Sleep Sheep is loved dearly by babies, parents and professionals who love babies and parents.

Watch the video below to see the sleep sheep in action

Technical Specs

  • Height: 12 inches
  • Batteries: 2 “AA” (included)
  • Safe for ages: Newborn through adulthood

You’ll Love the Cloud b Sleep Sheep IF…

  • You’re looking for a peaceful night of rest for your whole family
  • You want to find a tranquil source for relaxing white noise
  • You want a safe baby product that was developed and approved by sleep specialists and pediatricians

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the Cloud b Sleep Sheep


  • Comes with Velcro strap for easy attachment to cribs, playpens, strollers and car seats
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy packing and travel
  • Sound box may be removed so your baby can use the sheep as a stuffed toy
  • Natural soothing sounds include: Mother’s Heartbeat, Ocean Surf, Spring Showers and Whale Songs
  • Sound playtime can be set for 23 or 45 minutes before automatically timing out
  • The sound box includes an on/off switch and volume control


  • You have to test the different sound choices with your baby, because she may not like every sound (even babies have preferences)
  • The longest setting is 45 minutes, so you may need to start up your favorite sound again if you like to play it throughout your entire bedtime routine

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of the Cloud b Sleep Sheep

My New Best Friend! – by Hoopty Frood (Toront, ON, Canada)

The Sleep Sheep has been a godsend in helping my baby (age three months) sleep. After tracking my baby’s internal sleeping schedule, I incorporated the Sheep into our nap and bedtime routine. After only two days, I’m able to lay him in his crib while he’s still awake, and he falls asleep on his own. This has been the best sleep aid product that I’ve bought…”

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Great gift for newborns – by M. Vooss (New York, NY)

We purchased this for our daughter as an infant and she has always loved the sheep and the sounds have often helped her get to sleep. Now that she is older we’ve removed the sound unit, but she still likes to cuddle with the sheep. It’s a great gift, and we’ve sent it for other newborns and each parent has told us how adorable and helpful it has been…”

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Cloud b takes pride in providing families with healthy sleep products that actually make good on their promises. Parents and professionals agree that they didn’t miss the mark with the Sleep Sheep. Give your baby a chance to test the Cloud b Sleep Sheep for herself, and you’ll all be getting your forty-winks in no time.

Click Here to Buy the Cloud b Sleep Sheep and Save 30% or more

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