Help Spread the Word About Kids Dying When Left in Cars!

September 15th, 2014by admin

parking lotYou may have heard the occassional news story about the tragedy of a child dying from heatstroke after being forgotten (or purposely left) in a car.


What may still be news to you is that in some cases, even parents who are normally loving and responsible, and would never dream of forgettig their child in a vehicle, still do so.


Yes, as is the case with most things in life, under the “right” conditions, humans are capable of many things they wouldn’t normally be.


And that is the critical take-away from these awful instances of child deaths: that even a “normal” parent or caretaker, if under extreme duress (such as high stress, illness or other condition in which they’re not thinking clearly) are capable

of forgetting their child is in the backseat, and leaving them.


3 Easy Ways to Boost a Young Child’s Self-Esteem

September 15th, 2014by admin

self esteemBeing a parent is a both a fulfilling experience and an enormous challenge. The way you behave as a parent will have a lasting impact on your child. It happens too often. Someone with low self esteem and limited accomplishments could have found success if they had received more praise as a child. Giving a child confidence is not rocket science. Below I discuss three easy ways to boost your child’s self esteem so that they can grow up comfortable in their own skin.

1. Assign your child responsibility.

If you give your children responsibility, it will make them feel more valuable. This practice has the added benefit of boosting their work ethic, a trait that has obvious value later in life. The best technique is to not simply hand over chores to your young child but to include them in the jobs you do around the house.

6 Risks of using drugs for pain relief during labor

September 12th, 2014by admin

6 Risks of using drugs for pain relief during laborIn some countries, women who are about to have a baby often hear the sentence “Make sure you get an epidural”. This is standard practice and seen as an easier way to experience a vaginal birth.

Along with a variety of other pain relief drugs available, many women think that they can’t survive the pain of labor without at least a little pharmaceutical help. Unfortunately, many women aren’t aware of the rang of risks that come with using drugs during labor for pain relief.

Here are a few of them:

  1.  There are risks – Having pain medication increases the risk of interventions such as assisted delivery (forceps), bradycardia and tachycardia, perinial tearing and pelvic floor issues.
  2. You’ll need more monitoring – Due to the risks of pain medication, you’ll be more likely to have frequent checks and may need to be on continuous monitoring.