Kids Who Follow Their Parents Lead

October 24th, 2014by admin

holding handsHumans learn to imitate almost birth, before language and understanding comes knowledge of action and reaction. Hence baby will very quickly understand they if they cry they’ll get food. And so it continues throughout the early years of childhood.   Learning by imitation is the core education we all learn from our parents.

In answer to questions such as why is this child energetic, quiet, chatty, obsessively tidy? You’ll often find the answers in the characteristics of the parents (or early child care givers) We imitate to satisfy needs one of which is acceptance. We learn that if we act in a certain way it will gratify or annoy those around us. We then have a choice what to do with that knowledge.

How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor

October 21st, 2014by admin

baby monitorIf you’re a new parent or soon to be parent then getting a baby video monitor can be godsend. Baby monitors comprises of two parts, the transmitter and the receiver, they let you keep a close eye on your young one without having to be in the same room.

While all parents will agree that these wonderful little tools are of great help they will no doubt be divided on which is the best. There is such a huge range to select from all with differing features that making the choice which one is right for you can often be confusing. We hope you can get some insights into the main features from this article; know what to look for and which pitfalls to avoid when buying a baby monitor that’s best for you.

5 Earliest Warning Signs that Your Child Has a Cold

October 20th, 2014by admin

sick childThe common cold is not fun for anyone. It is especially not fun to watch your energetic little loved one fall victim to this common nuisance. One day they will be lively, playing with their toys and acting like their fun-loving self. The next day they will be bedridden with a stuffy nose. If you believe that your child has contracted a common cold, there are measures that you can take to make them more comfortable during their illness. Treating your child from the beginning will help them feel better. Below we discuss the earliest warning signs that your child is has a cold.

The tips in this article are especially relevant because we are so close to winter. Cold weather poses a threat to children and although you may take extra steps to ensure their health and safety, your child still has a much higher risk of illness during the winter season. The fact that they spend much more time indoors and around sick classmates can significantly raise their risk of getting ill.