List of Coloring Activity Advantages That Not Many Parents Aware of

November 14th, 2014by admin

Coloring PagesAs parent, I sometimes wonder what kind of activities that can both fun but yet educative for my kids. Is there any activity that we both can do it together and pretty flexible in time and place since I am a working mom. After doing some research on the internet about it, the answer is surprisingly pretty simple and I wonder why I never aware about it faster. Yes, its coloring page folks.

Both my kids actually doing this regularly, but I really didn’t aware about all that kind of the advantages after I do my little research. I just though, okay the kid’s seems like it and that’s all. It turns out by doing coloring activity the kids can reap many benefits from this simple task. Here some of the benefits that might blow of your mind parents.

Growing up in an age where technology rules

November 5th, 2014by admin

baby with smartphoneJust when I think I have parenting down, I find out how much I still don’t know anything. I have 7 children ranging from 22 years down to 7 months old. There is literally a different generational gap between the older ones and the younger ones that I am already experiencing.

As much as I try to shield my kids from the effects of too much electromagnetic radiation, they are growing up in an age where technology rules. They have an intrinsic interest and knowing of electronics that almost seems to be hard wired into them. My older kids refer to people they have never met as “friends” and they would much rather text than talk on the phone. Even employers will send texts about job applications.

Classroom Features That Every Kindergarten Needs To Have

October 31st, 2014by admin

Kindergarten ClassroomChoose the Right Kindergarten Classroom

One of the best times for the child to expand his or her love for learning and knowledge is during the kindergarten years. Kindergarten develops a curriculum that will make learning more fun and exciting for children. They will both learn and have fun while mingling with other kinds. This is the reason why you need to find the best kindergarten for your child.

If you are looking for a kindergarten you need to make sure that they do not only have friendly and expert staff and teachers to take care of your child and see that all of his or her needs are met but you also need to consider the environment. It is important that your child is safe while playing and that the classrooms are child friendly.

Here are some of the things that classrooms in kindergartens need to have.