Interesting and educational animal videos for kids

August 29th, 2014by admin

elephant with toddlerToddler videos without a doubt are blessing for babies and parents, if you have option liketutitu TV than nothing can beat that. A good learning equipment make your kids busy and sharp at the same time and you can also enjoy some quality time while your kids are busy learning. Right from the moment your baby is born, you need to take care of everything including his food intake to comfort and learning. Therefore it is great to have something interesting for your kids to attentively watch and learn.

Many experiments have been done with a combination of elements believed to be important for a toddler’s early learning and if done through video or animation pictures the learning process can be much more enjoyable. Keeping your baby busy makes them a sensible person as they learn some basic attribute which make them good human being.

Teaching Your Kids to Be Money Smart

August 22nd, 2014by admin

Coins in HandParenting can be a struggle, even on the good days. It’s not just about caring for your children’s daily needs, but at some point, you realize you are raising the next generation of adults. It’s a rather daunting task to translate the need to be responsible into a language that kids will understand.

Handling, spending and saving money are all valuable lessons that a child needs to learn. These are lessons that will stay with them through the college years and well into adulthood, marriage and children of their own. If you want to raise kids that are savvy about their finances, these lessons must start early.

Set a Budget: Once your child has reached the age of six and begins to learn the nuances of money, it’s a good time to set a spending budget. Party invites, movies and special activities all cost money. Now is the time to discuss how much money is available per event or per month. Set a budget and stick with it.


5 Things to expect when your child enters middle school

August 21st, 2014by admin

school busWhen your child makes the move from elementary to middle school, the changes can be quite difficult to get used to. There are lots of little nuances that make the process much more difficult for some children – and parents –to cope with. There are so many new considerations that you need to take into account when trying to plan for middle school for your child – but here are some of the most obvious things that you are likely to be involved in;

Teen Angst

Hating school? Hating you? This is common in children entering and during middle school. As they want to try and escape from being a coddled “child” and become “adults” it can become quite the battle to get your child to agree with you on the most basic things.