Sleep solutions are not one-size-fits-all

July 8th, 2014by admin

baby sleepingRead all the books on baby sleep? Endlessly surf the internet searching for the answer to your child’s sleep issue only to be left with more questions than answers? Take a deep breathe…you are not alone.

Many parents ask, “Is cry-it-out (CIO) bad for a baby or the only way to teach a baby to sleep well? Which No-Cry method works best so we can all get the sleep we need? Does No-cry work?” It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and confused about whose advice to take on the subject of sleep. There is a very good reason so many experts say different things on the topic. Sleep is not one-size-fits all. When adults have sleep issues we don’t hand them the same pill or plan. Why, then, do most experts assume that all babies will be “fixed” with the same plan?

How to Help Your Child Learn How to Meditate

July 6th, 2014by admin

Children MeditationWith all the benefits of meditation, it’s no wonder why millions of parents from all over the world are teaching their children how to meditate. However, the right age-appropriate techniques should be taught to children so they are able to experience deep meditation almost effortlessly.

Children under the age of 8 don’t need much meditation training. It’s much more important for their parents to meditate. After the age of 8, the personality of the child has formed and many changes begin to occur in the child’s brain. The objective of meditation for children between the age of 8 and 14 should be to support a balanced physical and mental development.

The technique that is most appropriate for them is often deep breathing combined with five to ten minutes of silent meditation. It’s also very important that you demystify the process and introduce simple awareness techniques. You should also prepare a meditation room for your child that is free from all distractions and where your child can simply sit in stillness and meditate.

Why Throwing a Baby Shower After Baby Is Born Is Better

July 1st, 2014by admin

baby shower invitationIn the United States it is typical to throw a baby shower before the baby has arrived. However, with that being said if for some reason you are not able to have a shower before the baby is born don’t fret. Here are 4 reasons why holding the shower after the baby is born is better.

1. The Mom Feel Better
Most baby showers are held at the end of a pregnancy when a mom is starting to feel the most uncomfortable. In the case of some difficult pregnancies the mom may even be on bed rest, which makes the party even more difficult. After the mother has delivered she will usually be feeling much better than the last trimester of pregnancy.

2. Meeting The Baby
If the shower is held after the baby is born the guests all get to meet the newest member of your family. They can all get to hold him/her and get to experience the baby for themselves instead of through pictures.